Our team consists of experts in their own fields. Healthcare has been their passion and it showed in their years of dedication in serving many in their chosen careers. With them in the helm of Alliance Healthcare, everyone can rest assured that top of the line service will be provided for every resident that walks through our doors.

Mutty Scheinbaum
Chief Executive Officer

For the last decade, as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Mutty gained insight and expertise excelling his career into management. Out of a passion for providing high quality and caring treatment to patients, he recognized a need for medical facilities of a higher standard, staffed with skilled medical professionals. Using his skill in executing strategic management plans he founded Alliance Healthcare in November of 2016. Since, Alliance Healthcare has become an industry model of best practices in providing treatment and healthcare. Mutty Scheinbaum maintains a high level of involvement, overseeing operations in his dedication to the standard of quality of treatment and service Alliance Healthcare has become known for.

Chief Operations Officer

Sam is a key element and has been instrumental to the growth and success of Alliance Healthcare. With years of valuable management experience in facilities throughout the country he has become well-known for a higher standard of continual care with exceptional outcomes. His skills in leadership, innovation and implementation have immensely contributed to the overall success that Alliance Healthcare enjoys today.

He has been responsible for lofting facilities into a 5-star CMS rating, improving total census and quality payer mix by almost 50% for multiple healthcare centers. Additionally, he raised a facility’s EBITDAR by an incredible $3 million dollars in one year. Of his many contributions, developing an organizational culture founded upon the Alliance Healthcare core values and mission has proven his dedication and commitment to a high quality standard. Leadership is a natural talent he executes effectively as he works with individuals hands on throughout the various levels of the organization.